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Vietnamese farmers picking up coffee beans

Respect the Bean.
Premium wholesale Coffee trader.

From Bean to Cup

 Coffee isn’t just about what you sip. It’s an ever-evolving process that many have failed to perfect. The key is knowing where it all starts and understanding where it comes from. Our coffee is globally sourced from nutrient-rich lands cultivated by those who have mastered the growing process. These regions — made up of a perfect blend of rain, sunshine and healthy soil — are the only places to find such delicious perfection.

From harvesting the first bean all the way to when it arrives in your hand, we carefully select our products to make sure the final result tastes as good as it smells. Take a look below at some of the products we offer.


The beans are grown with good care to meet the top quality standards, we are proud to provide. 

Our coffee is all Shade-grown at an elevation of 3000-3500ft above sea-level in Coorg region.

All of the cherries are stripped off of the branch by hand. Only the ripe cherries are harvested, and they are Hand-picked individually.

Then the freshly harvested cherries are passed through a pulping machine to separate the skin and pulp from the bean.  

These beans, inside the parchment envelope, is sun-dried by spreading them on drying floors, where they are turned regularly.

Green Coffee

Green Coffee.

We then process parchment coffee and remove the parchment layer i.e the entire dried husk from the dried beans.

Grading and sorting is done by size and weight, and beans are also reviewed for color flaws and other imperfections.
Finally, defective beans are removed by hand. 

We ensure that only the finest quality coffee beans are sold.



The most important part is the roasting stage. Roasting is so significant for a good cup of premium coffee because it’s what brings out the flavors in the beans.

The green coffee is placed in the hopper and dropped down to the roaster drum and roasted as per customer requirements.

Once the roasting is done, roasted beans are let to cool down for few hours before it’s packed.


At Pep Coffee Traders, we care for each consumer just as we care for each bean. We want to make sure you have the best coffee drinking experience; whether it’s to start your morning, a little afternoon pick-me-up, or to wrap up the day.


We know that coffee solves everything. That’s why we’re here to offer you the finest quality coffee available. we offer globally-sourced beans from our place to your cup. Browse our site to learn more.

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