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Pratham Organics

Producer of Organic Products &

Delivery Consultant

Our Story

Pratham Organics and Agrisolution are primarily working as a producer of organic products and deliver consultancy in HI-tech Horticulture. We have been working as a Horticulture Consultant for the last 15 years in Central India. Our company is enriched by the team of qualified and experienced people from all the branches of Agriculture. We are technologically very sound as we have a team of experts from Horticulture, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Entomology, Plant Breeding & Plant Pathology. The Backbone of our company is our Research & Development Unit, which helps u to discover and explore more and come out with innovative techniques used in the field of Agriculture.


" To Provide Competent Consultancy Services to support Agriculture and Agri-Business by delivering Sustainable Solutions to the clients and bring great values to them by managing their land in the most environmentally and economically sustainable manner as possible."​


  • We are the premier Agri Consultancy Company of central India and Provides complete Agrisolutions to the farmers.

  • We harness our knowledge and energy to provide goods and services that are necessary for life, health & Growth.

Key Differntiators

  1. We have experienced experts and a dedicated team to look after all the services of our company smoothly.

  2. Customized Farming Solutions.

  3. The Rates charged by us for our services are totally competitive and flexible as per the standards.

  4. We always complete our projects within the schedules.

  5. Provide Platform for research & Training

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